Monday, January 12, 2009

The weekend in photos. . . .

Brody, after his haircut, watching the carousel. You talk about the attention span of a 2 year old. . . you want the 2 year old to pay attention? Put a merry go round in the mall, and that 2 year old will sit mesmerized for 20 minutes while stuffing handfuls of Kix cereal into his mouth.

The 2 year old also won't even notice when you try to take a photo of how spectacularly stretchy the first and second fingers are.
Oh, and that was only as far as my index and middle fingers could stretch. Brody could have stretched farther (further?) And that position actually sort of hurt my hand, and Brody doesn't even care.

Brody studying Daddy's drawing technique at a restaurant where you get to draw with crayons on the table cloth.

Three generations.
I think Jeremy's expression says it all.


Jacque said...

He's so adorable. Love his new haircut!

Dayna said...

Love the pics Chris!

SaRaH said...

Yay for stretchiness and cool haircuts and Daddies who can't believe they're sitting there with a baby doll. J.'s expression is priceless.

Monica (mommica06) said...

Your Brody is such a cutie-pie! His haircut looks great!