Wednesday, January 14, 2009


New phrases Brody has picked up recently:

"Whatcha doooooin', mommy?" (my absolute favorite so far)

"Holy cow!"

"Oh my goodness!"

"Holy shit!" (in my defense, I was emptying the diaper pail, and was overwhelmed by the stench when I said this)

"Bite me?" He wants to know if everything is going to bite him. This includes cheese.


Things I've taught him (besides Holy Shit) that he actually seems to like:

Sharpei Brody: I put my hands on the sides of his face, and say "Regular Brody", then I squeeze my hands together to squish his face, and say "Sharpei Brody"; repeat several times. He loves it and asks for it repeatedly.

Squishy hugs: Basically when I ask for a hug, if I ask for a squishy hug, I squeeze him tightly and make a noise like I'm straining I'm hugging him so much. When I ask for a squishy hug, he wraps his arms around my neck, and makes the same noise.

Squish me, mommy: When he was on the changing table one night, I pretended to put all of my body weight on top of him. I did it to make him laugh while we were putting on pajamas. Then he started saying "squish me, mommy, squish me." I remembered what I did the night before, and now it's a thing we do. He giggles loudly.

Where da peepee: Another nighttime ritual. When the diaper is off, and he's laying down, he closes his legs, and says in a deep voice with a furrowed brow: "Where da peepee?" Then he opens is legs and says in a high voice "Dere da peepee!" It never fails to make me laugh.

Eskimo kiss: He does it so hard that it hurts my nose. And he wants to do it all the time.


Things that make him laugh uncontrollably that I, frankly, just don't get:

Playdoh poopoo: We play playdoh. He asks me to make a snowman. I do - 3 balls of playdoh. He takes it, squishes them together, and holds it on the palm of his hand saying "poo poo!" and can't stop laughing.

Splash: There's a book we read, I think it's Biscuit and his Big Friend, and one point on the page, the puppy falls into the water, and I read "Splash." He laughs so hard he can hardly breathe.

Stinky feet: Every time he takes socks off, he says "Stinky feet, stinky feet" and literally doubles over laughing.


The games he plays:

I fall down: When he's particularly happy, he likes to play a game in which he runs back and forth across the room, and then he does a slow-motion fall to the ground. It's very dramatic, and almost graceful. Then he says, "I fall down, mommy."

Hammer on the head: He was playing with a toy hammer last night. He said, "Hammer on the head, mommy." Then I watched as he hit himself in the head with the hammer. "Why are you hitting your head with the hammer, Brody?" "Make noise, mommy."

Time out dinosaur: I gave him a time out over the weekend because he intentionally hit my shin with his cast. The whole rest of the day, and the next, he put his his stuffed dinosaur into timeouts for the same thing. "Hit cast knee. Time out, didosor." Over. And over.


Dawn said...

Can you please just Send Brody to me every once in a while for a few days here and there? He sounds like such a FUN kid!!!
I love all the Brodyisms, but Sharpei Brody is probably my favorite!

Jacque said...

I love where da peepee! That's hilarious. What a funny boy!

SaRaH said...

Dere da pee pee! makes me want to take a roadtrip so as to not miss out on this gem of a kid. You did alright over there.

Robyn said...

Holy Shit! That kid is hil-AR-ious.

Alina said...

Sharpei Brody has GOT to be photographed and shared with the masses. Or at least with me.

Love the funnies!