Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another death....

My cousin Stefan. My mother's nephew. Age 45.

Married with two young children. Didn't smoke or drink.

Came home from work yesterday, said he felt dizzy, then collapsed dead.

My mom is flying to Germany Wednesday for the funeral.

Stefan is my uncle Hansi's only child.

When I talked to my sister about it, I expressed more concern over Hansi losing his only child. My sister expressed more concern about Stefan's widow, facing life with no husband and two young children.

I knew something was wrong when I saw "Mom mobile" on my phone's caller ID, calling me at 10am on a Monday.

I never get used to hearing my mom cry.


Jacque said...

I'm sorry, Chris. That's just awful. I don't know what would be worse, an unexpected death or a death after a long illness. I think a sudden death would be so hard. Prayers to your family.

Monica (mommica06) said...

My thoughts & prayers are with your cousin and his family. How tragic!

SaRaH said...

((((Chris' Mom))))

Dawn said...

That is Tragic! I am so sorry!!

Robyn said...

It never rains, but it pours. I'm so sorry, Chris.