Monday, January 19, 2009

16 Random Things

1. Brody has a cough. He's on so many immune boosting herbs (probiotics, echinacea) that I was inclined to think that it was allergies. Except I have the cough today. Are allergies contagious?

2. Jeremy woke up with a sore throat Sunday morning. I guess he was a little miffed that the very first words out of my mouth after he told me were "Go wash your hands and stop breathing on Brody" instead of, you know, something about how he was feeling or, like, a hug...

3. Really. Brody has not been sick since SEPTEMBER. Now, 10 days before surgery we've been waiting for since May, he gets a cough, while on immune boosting herbs and vitamin and probiotics. Really? Really? My head is about to explode.

4. I'm at work. It's very quiet. I wish I could go to sleep. I have to draft and file something today instead. I hope I don't malpractice.

5. I wish thinking about exercise was the same as doing it.

6. A recent development: bunions. Both big toes. I thought that was for 80 year olds. Not me. Alas. I can only wear Danskos. Yet another thing to blame on my parents (it's hereditary). I think I probably need the surgery, because my toes hurt every day. While the idea of two weeks off my feet seems sort of heavenly, the idea of a scalpel on my toe bone does not.

7. I still haven't written thank you cards for Brody's Christmas gifts. Because I'm, well, lazy.

8. I've been a lawyer for over 11 years. When I think about that, I think I should know a whole hell of a lot more than I do about pretty much everything.

9. Brody peed in the potty for the first time ever yesterday. Jeremy and I gave him a standing ovation.

10. Brody slept in the big boy race car bed for the first time last night. I don't understand how he can look so big in a crib on one day, and so small in a race car bed the next, when the exact same mattress is used.

11. Our crib is from Erik Weihenmayer, the blind man who climbed Mt. Everest a few years ago. My sister knows him and his wife. I told my sister yesterday that we were done with the crib, and did the Weihenmayers want it back? She asked, "Are you going to need it again?" I said no. Which sort of made me want to cry. It's strange how jealous I get when other people have babies. And it pisses me off that when I say Brody is probably our only child, people assume it's because of Brody's medical issues and some fear we have about having another Vacterl child. No, actually, it's because my reproductive immunology treatment is not covered by insurance, and costs a minimum of $1,000 per month of pregnancy, for drugs and treatments. And that doesn't count the $1700 of testing before we even were able to try again, to see what my immune system is up to these days. And since we're still paying off the testing after the 4th miscarriage, and the costs of the successful Brody pregnancy, and some of the eight surgeries Brody had in 2008, we can't afford to put another child in daycare. And all of this precludes the cost of adoption as well.

12. Wow. I didn't realize I was that bitter about that subject. I do still think about the girl I was pregnant with in the spring of 2005. We lost her after seeing a heartbeat. I think, in my deepest heart, that somehow a little girl will come into our lives. I don't know how or when, but I feel it, even though I recognize it may be just wishful thinking. Brody would be such a good big brother though.

13. What's it called when you watch a show you don't normally watch, and then 6-12 months later, you happen to watch the same show, and it's the same damn episode? Does that just happen to me? What is that?

14. If I see another commercial for the Barack Obama coin, I. . . I . . . .

15. I've always wanted to go to a restaurant that had dinner and dancing and those tiny champagne glasses, where the women and men dress up. What happened to those places? We should bring them back.

16. I keep a running list of characters who have three fingers and thumb, like Brody will have one day. I started to do that because I didn't want him to think, when the time came, that it was such a big deal. So far, the characters in Monsters Inc., Sesame Street, the Simpsons, Mickey Mouse... I keep noticing more, but I never write them down.


Anonymous said...

#12 hits home for me- We had a daughter, Natalie, who died in utero in 2006 at 19 weeks. She was our one, and only, daughter. We had struggled to conceive her, named her, watched her move and listened to her heartbeat. She was going to be our 3rd and last child. We have never recovered from losing her. Then came Benjia year later- full of medical mysteries. People ask us all the time when we are going to have our next child. Sometimes I feel like screaming at them "Do you not know we have 4 kids already, have experienced a child dying and on a weekly basis walk a fine line of losing another!!!"

Anyways, I think that was a vent.

Congrats on peeing on the potty to Brody. What a big boy! Lori

SaRaH said...


5. Me, too.

8. Isn't it weird that we assume that other professionals (and non) have a clue that we don't? Isn't it disturbing that NONE of us do?

11. Not. Fair. However, just as an FYI, many state adoptions include subsidies that cover all expenses, all medical care, and even a monthly subsidy... It's an option, that's all.

12. I believe she is yours and will be yours. Can't wait to meet her.

13. I'm so glad I'm not alone on this because it freaks me out.

16. I was just looking them up and found that there is a book called Three Fingers... Also, Bob the Builder has three fingers. Mickey and all of his friends are similarly situated. Bugs Bunny, Fred Flinstone... three fingers.

Dawn said...

I just want to hug you! I have a million things I could say, but really I just want to give you a big hug!
And Z wants to give Brody a high Three for the pee pee and big boy thing! Z may have 5 fingers, but he doesn't have to use them all...especially when giving Brody a High Three!

Dawn said...

I just want to hug you! I have a million things I could say, but really I just want to give you a big hug!
And Z wants to give Brody a high Three for the pee pee and big boy thing! Z may have 5 fingers, but he doesn't have to use them all...especially when giving Brody a High Three!

Dawn said...

I meant to say big boy bed, not big boy thing! haha! :)

Christine said...

Rant away! And I'm so sorry for your loss. That is so much to process in just a few years. . .

Sarah, Thanks for the other 3 fingered folk! I know there is a lot more out there. And I'm glad I'm not alone on no. 13.

Dawn, Brody has a big boy thing too. Remember? His urologist said.

Dayna said...

#5--Me too. One reason I am getting waay fat.

#6--I know what you mean but not bunions. Mine's gallbladder stuff and just plain getting old and stiff in my feet/ankles. Podiatry appts. this week.

#7-I just got my stepson's written this weekend. Of course that doesn't count for mine and Sam's. Ugh.

#8-Have you read any of my posts lately? Don't I know what you mean!


#10-Sam's been a big girl bed for like 2 weeks and I feel the same way. She's tiny in that thing!

#11--I know how you feel only in that I know I will never have another. My job is already not kid friendly at all. I have so much stress in my daily life trying to figure out how I can do my agent job and DH doing his Navy job and the kids being taken care of. I am getting up there in age too so who knows if I could even do it again? I cannot compare my experience with yours though so I wont complain further.

#12- YES YES, make it happen! Somehow it will and it'll be great!

#13-- Been there seen that..

#14- Ditto

#16-I am going to start looking for that now.

Love from,

pattinase (abbott) said...

Good health to all of you and yes to the one about the tv episode which this box is covering. And Kevin has the same bed. He never would sleep in a crib so he;s been in it for a long time. I lost a girl too and think about her all the time.

Jacque said...

Go away, cough, go away! I hope he's better soon (J too). Good job to the big boy for peeing on the potty and sleeping in his big bed! Hugs for everything else!

(My word verification is bootor. Love that word.)