Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh my cow

I don't know if was the 3-day low-grade fever, or just Brody being himself, but he has combined his favorite expressions "Oh my goodness" and "Holy cow!" to be "Oh my cow!"

Which we encourage him to use.

We went to the pediatrician Tuesday. He said "How long do we have?" and "What does Shriners accept?" We said, "Nine days, and they'll take a temp up to 100 as long as the chest is clear." I love our pediatrician. He gave us antibiotics. Chest and ears were clear.

Brody had temps 99-100 for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. J stayed home Tuesday, then me the next two days. Of course, we are all now sick. Well, I'm about 2 days behind Brody. Jeremy is one day behind me.

Today I feel like a truck ran me over. I'm over the sickest part of the cold, but the exhaustion is kicking in, and work has exploded with activity, and I'm behind on everything at home, at work.

And Brody's glitter cast slipped off this morning. When you don't have a thumb to keep it on, casts come off a lot.

So back to the casting couch (ha!) this afternoon.

As a good friend of mine says, I want sleep for lunch.


Alina said...

Oh my cow is right! (Lol, love that). Gosh, I hope you all feel better soon and that Shriners is a go! Hope Brody's time on the casting couch is stress free, too.

And, I tell ya, I'd take sleep for lunch AND dinner.

Anonymous said...

Hope you can get another glitter cast! Lori

Jacque said...

Oh my cow, I'm glad Brody is feeling better. I hope you and J feel better soon too! We're under the weather as well, and sleep for lunch sounds divine.

SaRaH said...

Oh. My. COW!!!! I'm sending you all the healthy vibes I have. Can't wait for updates from SLC.

Jacque said...

I've been wondering about Brody. I hope the surgery went well and that everyone is feeling better. Update when you can!