Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I just found this blog and am in love with that little boy. He is SO cute. Not to mention that this is a spectacular list of books for me to read at B's school. The rest of the blog has lots of pictures, and is very interesting to read about their adventures.

I talked some more to B about the questions. He's pretty secure - we say "Nothing's wrong with my arm, it's not a big deal, I was just born like that," etc.

I asked him which friend asked him about his arm. He said, "a lot of dem do." :-( I think I know it was daycare, not preschool. So that's where I'm volunteering first.

He still likes going to school. But he has been sleeping with us every night. Still scared of the dark.

So I'm going to his school at some point, not sure when, to read some books about differences. And I'm re-drafting and re-deciminating the letter to parents (and teachers) because, well, everyone needs to be educated.

I also got in trouble from MY mom for not telling her I was contracting. Sorry mutti. I didn't want to worry her, but then she read it HERE.

My contractions stopped by the time I went to sleep Friday night. They haven't returned. I think I was very dehydrated. I'm off bedrest - didn't even need to go see doctor. Have been at work and feeling very good. In a walrus sort of waddling way.

Here's a question for those moms with partners: when I go play with Brody, I rarely ask J to join in. I view it as Mommy/B time, and as Daddy rest time. When J goes off to play with B, though, the most 'break' I get is 3 minutes, then it's screaming for me to come and join them in the fun. But I just wanted to watched My Fair Wedding or The Office episode I missed or read Us Weekly. It's so annoying. I love playing with B, but sometimes, it's nice to have some me time, especially since I'm about to lose ME time for a long time in a few weeks. Anyway, do other partners do this? Or is it just me and my one friend's, to whom I've already complained? :-)

Finally, we decided not to do the 3D/4D ultrasound. $159 is just too much - it's pretty much the budget for furnishing the rest of bubba's room. I'm hoping this means bubba will stay put long enough to make it to the scheduled December 1 c-section.


SaRaH said...

So glad that the contractions stopped and interested to hear how the letters and reading go at daycare and school. Do NOT pay for the 3D/4D -- we did it and while it was fun, it was anticlimatic and totally not worth the cash.
Joe actually 'plays' with the girls more than I do. Normally, between dinner and baths, is Daddy Daughter time and I go work on bills or goof off. I'm cool with reading, crafts, and sports, but when it comes to playing, my attention span is about 30 seconds. Like you, we got Nora a sibling hoping that they could play together! Brody is going to LOVE having Bubba around. I'm off to fall in love with the new blog!

Hez said...

Thiele takes the girls outside or plays inside with them on his own. He will play pretend because Maya asks relentlessly, but pretend play is not really his thing. He mostly does this when I am trying to cook dinner or clean-up. We have brio train sets, which were actually a gift to Thiele from Maya for the last 4 father's days. He loves the trains and they will spend quite a bit of time constructing them together. It is a little more complicated with the baby as she is not so good at them :) Anyway what I am getting at is maybe you can help J and B find something just for them to do together. Otherwise, I would just tell him you need a little break--this far along in pregnancy it is understandable.
Also thanks for pointing out that blog and those books :) We have Oliver's High Five--I will be adding a few more to our library.
Oh, the ultrasound, I tried to get a 3D one with Maya and unless the baby is in a good position (with lots of fluid around their face) the pictures won't come out very good. Maya was not in a good position and the tech let us stop 3 minutes into the ultrasound because she said we would not get very good pictures. I did not even bother with Quinn.

Shannon said...

Why not just come out and tell J that you need some time to yourself for a little bit? Even schedule some time where he is responsible for entertaining Brody and you can do as you wish. I think it would be a good thing to start now because once the baby comes you are going to be busy with the baby and not always have the ability to join in the fun!!!

Robyn said...

I try to "play." I really do. But it's so boring. I admit I don't really listen to her nonstop chattering either. I just do the "uh huh" and "really" thing. I'm like Sarah: if it's structured, I'm cool. But unstructured play drives me batty.

It seems like you and J are viewing the play thing differently. You see it as a break. He sees it as family time? Just tell him. Moms really need breaks! I tell Dan, "You are on kid duty," so that there is no ambiguity.

@Sarah, I cannot WAIT until Griffin is big enough for them to play together. And he is able to defend himself! LOL