Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A new thumb

J and B flew to Salt Lake Shriners today for a clinic appointment.

J emailed me the following pics.

This is Brody and the Mike and Sully in the hospital.

This is Brody and Mike.

This is Brody's new thumb.

Doesn't it look really thumby? I love it. Plus it's like B is doing a hand model pose.

Brody still can't move it, and the surgeon said that was not unusual, it's probably still painful to even try. J also noted that the fingers are still very curved, but as I told him, they were to begin with, and the surgery wasn't supposed to fix the curving, so that's not surprising.
Now we have to decide when to do the left hand thumb: our choices are apparently late March or late April. I'm completely unfamiliar with having a choice of surgery dates and we are actually completely undecided. I guess we'll decide in the next week or so.
Viva la thumb!


Dayna said...

YAY!!!! It's quite the beautiful thumb if you ask me! Awesome!

Carol said...

I agree! It looks amazing!!

Jacque said...

Looks great, I give it a thumb's up! LOL

Alina said...

That's a seriously thumby thumb! Woo hoo! So glad it went well!

Cindy said...

Yay Brody!

Tracy said...

The thumb looks good. We are so undecided on wether to have this surgery done on Maggie or not. I guess I can see the things she can do so it makes me second guess wether we should have it done or not. I wish there was a right answer.

Anyways, love the pictures.

Mommy2JL said...

That is so awesome!
That's the first picture I've seen of your son -- he is ADORABLE!
What a grin :P


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