Monday, November 24, 2008


Seriously. Why am I up?

Brody cried a bit at 1:15, then again at 2:15. The second time was because he was missing his lovey - aka, the plastic sippy cup. Yes, in addition to the monkey and 400 stuffed animals he has, he prefers the plastic water cup. Maybe he is afraid of being thirsty and that provides him comfort?

Except that, in light of past spilling experience, I just give the cup to him with about 1 T of water in it. He doesn't drink it, he cuddles it.

Now it's 4:15am. I'm UP. I have folded laundry, mentally cooked Thanksgiving dinner, filed my nails, and read a book.

I have a stressful 3 days at work ahead of me. It all depends how my clients testify - and since I can't control how they testify, I thought it would be useful just to sit up all night wondering what they will say. Yes, I know what they told me they would say. But sometimes, that changes when there is a court reporter nearby. At any rate, that's the reason I'm up. Also, one of our dogs snores really loudly.

Also, is it just me, or when you eat right before bed, are you famished when you wake up?


Kristin said...

So true! When you eat right before bed you are always STARVING when you wake up. Weird...

BTW, what do you do, are you an attorney?? Just curious... I am in school to be a court reporter. Almost at 100 words per minute, woohoo! :)

SaRaH said...

I sure hope that getting up to wonder about their testimony helped the case!!! I also hope that you are able to squeeze some rest in somewhere...