Tuesday, November 25, 2008

If Brody had a blog

If Brody had a blog, this is what he would write:

Mommy asks me two questions every day. She asks me, "Are you a silly wiggle muffin?" whenever I make her laugh, and "Are you the cutest boy ever?" when she stands me up after dressing me in the morning. I don't know why she asks me over and over. I don't think she knows whyeither. I always smile. I don't think I mind her asking me those questions.

Daddy asks me "Who's the best son ever? Is it Brody?" I would have to say my answer to that is, "YES."

When the three of us are in the car together, I make my mommy and daddy sing to me. Together. Daddy doesn't know the words to many of my songs, but if he tries to stop singing and just let mommy do it, I say "Daddy sing!" and he does. Because no one wants to hear me cry.

Sometimes I say to them, "Mommy, Daddy, watch!" and I run in circles around the house. If they try to stop watching, or clean or something, I get their attention again, until all of their attention is back onto ME. Then I run more.

Last night I tried to share my legos with the doggie. I put the lego in front of him on the floor, but he just looked at me like he didn't know what it was. I think it's sad that mommy and daddy didn't teach the doggies about legos. But I will.

I have recently become aware that "I" means me, Brody. And that I have a lot of opinions. When mommy wears a top I like (like if it's soft or shiny) I say, "I yike it" because L's are hard to say, and mommy smiles and says "thank you, Brody." Then I say "Thank you mommy" a few times because "you're welcome" is hard to say. I also tell mommy and daddy when they are pretty. They should know. Also, they kiss me after I say that. If you want my mommy or daddy to kiss you, you just say to them "pretty" and they will.

I really like to tickle daddy's goatee. It makes me laugh.

For the second day in a row today, mommy left early for work. Usually I leave the house first when daddy takes me to school. I don't like it when mommy leaves first. Today I told her over and over "Mommy stay. Mommy carry me" but she didn't take me with her. I cried and was very sad.

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SaRaH said...

Awwww, Brody. It sucks that mommy had to leave early but I bet she'll make up for it in kisses and tickles!