Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankful: 4, 5, 6. And 7.

4. My sister Donna makes jewelry, not like I make jewelry but with sodering things and hot things that melt silver. She made me a ring last year – before Liam was born - with each boy’s birthstone in it. I love that ring. I wear it for good luck. I wear it on those big days for me, and I wear it when I need a pick-me-up. I love that she made me something so unique and thoughtful.

5. Over the weekend, I had dinner with my circle of friends, just the girls. We had dinner and we were talking – all of us mothers now – about what we obsess[ed] over with our children. Height, speech, etc. I sat there and thought, with Brody, what did I obsess over? That he would die, that he would never find love, or happiness, that he would need a kidney transplant, that he would not be in regular class, that he would never learn to write or use his thumb properly. I’m grateful that none of that came to pass. Even if they do come to pass, they haven’t yet.

6. Speaking of which…. Brody had 14 surgeries in 3 years. He didn’t have thumbs when he was born. His throat didn’t meet up with his stomach when he was born. He had 2 surgeries the first week of his life. He wore casts for half of his first three years. And this year, this year he started kindergarten the first year he was eligible, when he was 4 years old. And we had a parent teacher conference a few weeks back, which Brody attended, and he read us a book. It was called “I can do anything.” I grasped my husband’s hand, and I just barely kept from crying.

7. My mom is coming for Thanksgiving. We were going to drive down to see her in New Mexico, and it would be a long 10 hour drive, but it would be worth it to see her and my stepdad. But she said that the driving was too much and she just bought a ticket to see us. Even though her and Jacques will not be together for Thanksgiving. And she’s staying for a whole week. I'm grateful for that.

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