Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

15. Strange one: that Brody has renal issues. Why? Because without his renal issues, Liam would not have had a renal ultrasound before he was discharged from the hospital last December, and we would never have discovered (until it was too late?) that Liam had a blood clot on his aorta. Leading to...

16. Lovenox. Yes, I complain about the cost of Lovenox on here a lot. $1600 a month is a bit steep. But damn if it didn't let me have 2 successful pregnancies, and save my youngest son's life. Fact: Lovenox is made from intestinal mucosa of a pig. You can't take it if you are allergic to pork products. Thank you, pigs!

17. Barbara, my oldest sister. Whenever I think I'm being crazy, I think of Barbara, and how she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her, she is just her fabulous, delightfully talkative, laugh out loud self. She is the original cuckoo, and I mean that in the best way.

18. Eric, my brother. I think of him so often lately, since Liam reminds me of him. Liam eating dog food, like Eric did. Liam being musical, like Eric . Eric has had a troubled life at times, battles with alcoholism, but when he plays piano, it is magic. I could listen to him play all day. He has crazy talent.

19. Donna, my middle sister. She is sensitive, kind, nurturing, and a wonderful momma. She's the one who made me that ring a few posts back. She says she is coming to visit in February. I can hope! She is kinda nuts sometimes, but sweetly so.

20. Marilyn, my youngest sister. Brody said it best this weekend when he explained to me that he gets confused about whether Marilyn is my mommy or my sister. She is my caretaker. And she hated me when I was born. I think she still feels guilt for the abuse she heaped upon me. What she does, I usually follow: horse back riding, tennis, jewelry making, moving to Colorado, having 2 sons. Huh. She's a smidge neurotic. 

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