Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Social experiment update

She paid.

The Craigslist woman.

And she sent an email thanking me for the 3 baby frames I left (new, unopened, unused) on top of the changing table.

I actually had a friend email me about whether she paid or not. It seemed like a lot hinged on this stranger's conduct. I think we are all a lot more cynical than we realized.

Other news?

Yesterday I sent Brody's daycare teachers a bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries. When I picked him up last night, she said they cried when they got it. See? We are all apparently
surprised at kindnesses. What does that say?

Today they did the first transfer from preschool (who also loves that daycare now) to the daycare. They said Brody was not happy, because of course, Miss Melody did not pick him up. Miss Melody is Brody's teacher and, apparently in his mind, girlfriend. He loves her and has told me for three days that SHE was going to pick him up from the preschool.

I'm the recipient of a 2.5% paycut starting next year. But at least I have a job. I'll deal with that later. 2.5% is not that much. Hopefully we won't notice.

I'm trying to get my 3 sisters to start an Etsy shop with me. One makes beaded jewelry (like me), one makes silver and gem encrusted jewelry, and one paints and sketches. All beautiful.

I'm going to Vail for the weekend with a good friend. It's not open for skiing yet, so we got a ridiculous deal at a place that, a week later, I could not afford an hour in, let alone a night. No skiing. Just. . . being. And perhaps a cocktail or two. She's getting a massage. I'm reading and napping. What am I reading? This book. Megan is my best friend and a beautiful writer and author. Josh is her husband. His book is extraordinary.

Tomorrow is a day of me, at home, for Veteran's day. I'm making jewelry all day in an effort to prepare for a jewelry show on Friday. Here's hoping for productivity.


Lori and Glenn said...

I love seeing jewelry- hope that you post pics! Lori

SaRaH said...

You've made me all warm and fuzzy. I'm gonna go be a better me.

Robyn said...

Perhaps Miss Melody is unaware of her favored status.

Good luck with the jewelry. I know how much the pay cut sucks. Seriously.

Jacque said...

I knew she'd pay. :) I'm glad Brody gets to stay at daycare and that whole situation worked itself out. Hopefully the transfer will go better the next time. I'd love to see pictures of your jewelry! Have a wonderful time at Vail! I hope you get a lot done today. We're off today too but I hope to be totally unproductive. ;)

pattinase (abbott) said...

I have consulted with five people who know Paris and all agree this should be a fine neighborhood. Whew!

Hez said...

:) That social experiment made me smile!
So very happy for you and B that the daycare transfers worked out!
I hope you had a nice day of you on Wednesday!