Thursday, November 12, 2009


Jeremy walked into the room, wearing a muscle shirt.

Brody: Daddy, you look like a girl.

Jeremy: I look like a girl?

Brody (giggling): Yeah, daddy, dats a girl shirt.


Putting Brody into the car. He notices the gas tank cover.

Brody: Dats a square mommy.

Me: Yes, it is.

Brody: See dat mommy? Say "skw."

Me: Skw.

Brody: Now say "air."

Me: Air.

Brody: Now say "square."

Me: Square.

Brody: Good job, mommy. You say dat perfeckly.

Me: What shape is mommy?

Brody: A . . . rectangle!

Me: Hmm. . . a rectangle. That's good.

Brody: My head is a circle.


We play hide and seek, and family wrestle, most nights in our bed or Brody's bed. Brody is the worst hider in all history. He giggles, he moves, he's loud, half of my body can be sticking out and he thinks we are hidden completely under the blanket, he falls for every trick (Where are you Brody? I have a toy for you? "I'm here!!!").

Last night, Brody and I were hiding under a blanket in his bed. Jeremy was supposed to "find" us. Instead, he came into the room, wearing a sheet and a gas mask (I have no idea). Brody became TERR.I.FIED.

Jeremy instantly stopped and said, over and over while hugging Brody, "It's just me, Brody, it's just daddy."

In the 10 or so hours since then, Brody has taken to wearing his knight helmet, "scaring" me or Jeremy, then removing his helmet, and saying, "It's just me, mommy, it's just me."

When he asks us if he scared us, if we say no, he says, "A little bit?" hopefully, until we answer yes.


Since making jewelry yesterday, I had my supplies out.

Turns out, Brody loves making jewelry.

It's a little hard because the wire is thick as thread, but I found some plastic beads.

He loves the jewelry. He kicked me out of my chair at the jewelry desk.

Then he said, "I have to make joowee mommy, it's my work. Dis my job."

Is it really child labor if it is also occupational therapy for the child?


The day of me was lovely. Didn't nap, didn't overeat. Watched Dial M for Murder, The Maltese Falcon, and made lots of jewelry, cleaned and made dinner. I could do that every day.


Hef said...

Aubs also loves making jewelry. We found some hemp thread stuff that's pretty stiff and some wooden beads with decent sized holes (all from Michael's) and it's one of the only activities that holds her attention longer than 5 minutes.

I can see a line of BrodyJoowee to help support Five Skies...

SaRaH said...

Oh that kid cracks me up. You, my dear, know how to rock a day at home. I wish you many more.

Robyn said...

That sounds like a loverly day!

Cibele said...

what an adorable and smart kid you have!

pattinase (abbott) said...

There are too few "days of me" for women now.

Dawn said...

Brody is so funny and sweet.