Monday, November 9, 2009

Looking up and up and up

Grocery shopping Saturday:

I walked into Brody's daycare Thursday night.

"You," she said. "You, I need to talk to you."


"Kim texted me right after you talked to her. We decided that is just unacceptable. Brody will not be leaving us. We love him too much. He can't leave. We'll pick him up."


"We'll do it. Just give us directions, and we'll give you the names of people who will do the picking up, and that's that."

I got teary eyed right then and there.

How much extra each week?

Nothing extra.

Starts tomorrow.

In other news, I'm doing a social experiment.

I'm selling our changing table and diaper champ on Craigslist.

A woman wanted to pick them up today, during the day. When we are not home.

I left them outside, along with some baby-themed picture frames we never opened. Asked her to put the money for the items in our mail slot.

This is completely contrary to my lawyerly nature, and general cynicism.

Even if she doesn't leave the money, I do not believe I will be upset. If she needs them that badly, it's not the end of the world.

But seriously, a few years ago, I never, ever, would have done this sort of thing. Honor system with a stranger?

I think I'm mellowing.
Finally, is it me?
Or are sunsets getting prettier?
Behind our house this weekend:


NotSoAnonMom said...

How sweet, how very, very good to hear that. :)

Andre was doing the exact same thing in Target yesterday, :)

SaRaH said...

Up and up is right. Whatever you're doing... keep doing it, mama -- cuz it looks GOOD on you.

Hef said...

:) I love Brody.

And I love Brody's daycare.

And once, after days of trying to cooridinate a pickup, I left a highchair on my front porch and the craigslist lady left an the cash under the door. No problem.

I also love autumn sunsets.

And you, too.

Dawn said...

That is amazing about the daycare!!!
I'm curious about your social experiment, but I have a feeling it turned out good.
The sunset is goregous!!!!!