Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My son

Brody bested a bully today. Well, ok it's another little 4 year old in his class. So this kid, Skyler, is a bit of a little shit. He calls Brody "baby" all the time and I don't think he plays nicely with Brody, ignores Brody and takes his toys, etc. Brody told me about him and we have been working on what to say. I told him that whatever Skyler says, just say "Takes one to know one."

So Brody just told me today that Skyler called him a girl "Brody's a girl, Brody's a girl" in that taunting voice. So Brody said, "takes one to know one," and Brody said Skyler got mad and said he was gonna tell the teacher on Brody, but Brody said he (Brody) became Bolt (from the movie) and stood in Skyler's way and blocked him from telling the teacher. I always ask Brody what his favorite part of the day was and he says, invariably, going outside. Today? He said standing in Skyler's way so he couldn't tell the teacher was his favorite part of the day. He had the most amazing and proud look on his face. I love that kid.

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Michele said...

Way to go, Brody!!!!

Robyn said...

Good for him!

Amelie said...

Our kids are just awesome :)

Christine said...

Thank you everyone! Bonjour Amelie!