Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Give me strength

I had such high hopes on Friday. I had a very very good weekend. Three days.

Then Tuesday came. I know it's whiny, but here you go.

Locked myself and Brody out of the house.

While trying to access another door, drove a (probably lead based) paint chip half way undernearth my thumbnail.

Didn't settle a case. Going to trial September 20.

Daycare forgot to pick up B at preschool, so I got a million calls during court from work and preschool.

Tried the pretzel M&M's to console myself. Meh. B-. More like malt balls than pretzels and chocolate.

OH and one more thing. The geniuses who cleaned out the fridge at work on Friday (we all rotate) for some dumb reason turned OFF the fridge while cleaning it (WTF?) and then FORGOT to turn it back on. So my popsicles and my lunches for the week are kaput.
And...let's talk healthcare.
Name brand meds for the month cost my insurance company: $1600+
Generic meds for the month cost my insurance company: $366
You'd think that my insurance company,United Healthcare, would love to pay for the generic. But no. It's not on the plan.
I have to appeal to them to get them to save them over 75% a month on the prescription.
Give me strength.


Jacque said...

What? You don't like the Pretzel m&ms? I will only forgive you because you've had a bad day.
Hope tomorrow is better!!

Robyn said...

Hugs and peanut M&Ms. <3

SaRaH said...

That was a doublestuff oreo sort of day. Certainly not the day to take a huge risk on pretzel m&m's.