Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Brodyisms, and gossip from daycare

Brody is starting to tell me the news from daycare. We always ask how his day was (then he asks how ours were). It's very cute.

Lately, he's told me the following:

Zach called the teacher "stupid" and then he ran under the grey table and the teacher was maaaaad. And he said, "Miss Susan, you are stupid" and then he ran.

Cadence cries a lot because she takes toys that aren't hers and puts them in her cubby.

Noah pooped on the floor of the bathroom, and Mr. David had to clean it up and he wasn't happy at Noah. (Brody laughed and laughed and laughed)


Also, I took Brody to work one day, and as we were driving home, we passed by the State capitol. I said, "Look Brody, that's where the people make the laws!"

He said, "Day make da laws?"

I said, "Yes! That's where they make laws!"

And then he said, "And where day eat squirrels?"


Also, he received a transformer Bumblebee for his birthday. It's one of the ones that actually transforms from yellow car to yellow robot. Last night at dinner, he was examining underneath the car, and proclaimed, "Dere's Bumblebee's arms, and feet, and penis." Because, really, why wouldn't a transformer robot have one?


The boys went to Shriners last week - a post for a different day - to have an exam done on Brody's right hand. The right hand is back to 90 degrees off the wrist, and the fingers are very stiff and not moveable. For example, when Brody shoots webs while playing Spiderman, he only uses his left hand (this becomes important in a second). The issue up for discussion is whether to do another surgery on that hand to get it straighter (and increase his reach by 3 inches). I talked to Brody about whether he wanted the surgery. I told him I really like his right hand just the way it is. He thought about it, and then said, "No I want da doctor to make my hand straight. So I can shoot webs wis it."

And that's why Brody is not quite in charge of his medical care.


SaRaH said...

I've been wondering where day eat da squirrels. I love that kid to the moon and back.

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