Friday, July 16, 2010

Less drama, more mama. Final amnio results.

Normal. 46xy.

Weight off my shoulders.

All clear for any and all genetic problems, and open neural tube defects (I didn't even look it up) were clear, and still, most definitely, a boy.

And with my new fiscal year, comes new insurance through my job. And for once, it's better coverage. As in, instead of $362 a month for Lovenox, it's $100. This new insurer will only issue me 6 days worth at a time, but at that cost, it's worth it.

And this weekend, Brody and I are visiting my mom and stepdad in Las Cruces. They live 100 feet from the pool. We are very excited for our 5 day respite.

Just when home and personal life is seemingly lovely, work implodes.

And explodes.

Too busy to think, getting deadlines wrong, incredible, unearthly workload, feeling frantic on a day to day basis.

Literally overwhelmed.

In a way I have never been.

It is sucking me dry.

Looking forward to 5 days with my mama and my boy.


Hef said...

Yay, yay, yay! I'm so happy for you, love. SO HAPPY!

SaRaH said...

I'm sorry that work is exploding but so so so so happy about that baby and vacation!

Shannon said...

fabulous baby news, and enjoy your time away!!! Don't think about work for that entire 5 days...that is an order!

Robyn said...

Big, big hugs, my friend. It's so hard. I'm so over the work thing. It's so much harder when you feel like crap, too. I hope that you have a FABULOUSO vacay and soak up lots of rays. I'm saving my margarita wishes for next summer ;-)