Monday, June 7, 2010


B: (from the other room) Mommy?

Me: Yes?

B: I wanna give you someting.

Me: (walking over to him) What is it?

He just leaned over and hugged me. A long hug. He started this routine on Saturday. He's done it approximately 8 times. I adore it.


I inject Lovenox twice daily into my stomach. I look like a junkie in that area. Huge, ugly, awful bruises. The kind of bruises that when people see them - my mom, sister, husband and obgyn - they cringe. (The bruising doesn't hurt)

Brody sees my stomach a lot, mostly because he accompanies me to the bathroom every chance he gets. I saw him looking at the bruises. I asked him if he had any questions about my bruises. He didn't. I told them they aren't owie. I said mommy didn't have owies. Still he didn't say anything. I said "they are kinda yucky bruises, aren't they?" He finally spoke. "No.....they're pretty, mommy. Look at all da colors..... (pointing) red and purple and blue and green and lellow...."


We were at the Farmers market Sunday. Brody wore his Spiderman shirt and Spiderman baseball cap. A very kind woman my age said to him, as he walked by, "Look! There's Spiderman!" Brody stopped, looked at her and said, "No, I'm Buzz Lightyear,"
turned around, and kept walking.

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Robyn said...

LMAO. Buzz often moonlights as Spiderman.

SaRaH said...

Man, I love Brody.