Thursday, May 13, 2010

Paris, day 2

On the flight here, via Air France, i decided to atart using my French. So when the flight attendant asked me if i wanted coffee, i said, "Si." (i dont speak Spanish, so that was especially strange).

Then I became quite proud of myself when I realized I could understand the French pilot talking about turbulance. "I can understand French!" I thought! Until I realized he was speaking heavily accented English.

Jeremy, after eating two croissant, one pain au chocolat, and about to est a piece of bread, "The problem is, these people eat too many carbs."

I was surprised how many french-speaking people were at the Eiffel tower. I thought it would be a lot of Americans.

The French people we have encountered have been very kind. One woman helped us figure out how to buy Metro tickets; people in cafes are nice too. I think it's really true that if you try to speak their language, they respond positively.

Everything is served in small glasses. Even water. I feel like we are playing house.

One of Jeremy's secret talents is figuring out how to get around using the Metro.

Yesterday, Brody walked all the steps to Sacre Coeur. Today he could hardly stand in the elevator in the Eiffel Tower.

Whoever told me to buy tickets forthe Eiffel tower before we wnt to the tower, you probably saved us a 2 hour wait in line. I love you.

French ice cream is awe.some. Is it made with full fat cream? It's heavenly.

I think coming here even for the weekend would be worth it. Other than serious naps, we aren't jet lagged.

Speaking of naps, Jeremy and I took one. Brody did not, and when Jeremy woke up, Brody was watching some naked people on French tv.

Brody saw a alot of naked people today. He told us all about each naked statue we saw today. Paris has a lot of naked statues.

Finally, you know what's wrong with French cheese? Absolutely nothing.

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Location:Montmartre, Paris


Robyn said...

Oh! It sounds perfectly wonderful! My french is not that great, but when I was there no one laughed or was rude either.

SaRaH said...

This is one of the happiest things I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

Tracy said...

I'm so excited for you. My mother in law went to France once.She always talks about going back.
Hmm, so the French eat more carbs huh? They just drink less water too if they drink out of tiny cups. LOL.
Or we're used to our supersized life.
Sounds like you are all having such great fun.

Jacque said...

One word: AWESOME!!!