Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Got back Saturday night. All went well on the flights. We are back to school and work.

Was feeling weepy the Friday night before we left. It came to a point I couldn't hold back the tears, really. I didn't know why exactly, but it seemed so momentous, this vacation of ours, these 12 days of adventure and escape and fun and freedom and being a single family unit.

10pm. J and I were packing, B was sleeping, and then.... Boom.


I looked up, and immediately rushed out onto the balcony.

Fireworks on the bay. Glorious, sparkly, vibrant fireworks. For a good 30 minutes.

I told J it was Villefranche telling us that it was going to miss us just as much as we were going to miss it.

He rolled his eyes but there we stood, hugging each other in silence on the balcony, watching our perfect farewell fireworks.

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Robyn said...

OMG. Talk about the perfect sendoff.