Thursday, January 28, 2010

The week so far & centralization news from Shriners

On Monday, it was too far til pay day. And then I left my car keys at the office. Which I did not realize until I was 10 miles away at the park n' ride, right after the bus dropped me off.

On Tuesday, I locked myself out of the house in the morning (my house keys were at work too) and then I sat through a painful meeting at work during which one part of something I am working on fell apart.

On Wednesday, I talked to a woman who was either high on prescription pain meds, or crazy, for 90 minutes. Apparently I caught whatever brain fog she had, because I was seemingly non-functioning the rest of the day.

On Thursday, (today), I drove him the half block to pre-school and realized when I got there that I had not buckled him into the car seat. He now climbs into the car, and car seat, by himself. I forgot to finish the job. Felony, much? Don't tell anyone.

Just now, I set up a meeting with the occupational therapist and the team of other therapists who see Brody (the OT is the only one who works with Brody) through the local school system. She was a little too nice on the phone for my liking, describing the meeting next Thursday as a "casual conversation to talk about where Brody is, and where we'd like to see him, and all of the things the little guy has been through."

Yes, I am suspicious of nice people. It was too carefully crafted. Something is wrong.

I looked up fine motor skills, and he actually has most of them on track, amazingly enough. Things we do not have are ability to write letters, and going potty by himself (unless he is naked, which he is most weekends). He can shimmy out of his pants, and lift the shirt over his head, if we take his arms out of the sleeves.

Late breaking news: Just got a call from Hutch, Brody's micro-hand surgeon from Shriners, regarding Brody's right wrist that has not remained straight. "Wrists suck at staying straight unless there's a pin in it." That is a quote from this man, upon whom I may have a crush. 

More quotes "Tendon wise there's not much left to move, so I could do it again, maybe chew up more bone, but I don't want to do too much because that will stunt the growth."

What this translates to is that Hutch has moved all the tendons once, and that did not work. When he did the pollicization of the right wrist, we thought he re-did the straightening part. Today he said he really did not do anything to straighten that side a second time, except for inserting another pin into the ulna.

The risk of doing too much is that if he puts the wrist directly on top of the ulna's growth plate, we stunt the growth of the ulna, which is already at about 50% length of average arms.  (At skeletal maturity, Hutch will fuse the wrist onto the ulna bone, so that in adulthood, Brody won't have this issue).

I tried to get a sense of what he thought we should do. He said "I'm up for it." But he said mainly after the centralization (straightening) surgery, most people do not do it again because it works better than it has on Brody.


Clear as mud.

Back to the rest of my previously written post.

Tomorrow, tomorrow is pay day. No furloughs this month or February. March is up for grabs. Layoffs are coming, hopefully not to me or my people. Government always feels economic strife the worst a year or two after the private sector.

Saturday, I am hopefully going to my friend's house to have her photograph some jewelry. Monday I am hoping to officially open my online store. Saturday evening I have book club at PF Changs. I did not read the book, The Heretic's Daughter, so please someone tell me about it.


SaRaH said...

I'm so over your week and so glad it's almost done. You deserve a break and I hope that this weekend's activities provide it for you.
I <3 Hutch. It sounds as though there is no need for you to decide on the centralization procedure immediately? Is that true? If so, I'd sit with the information until you are sure (or, at least, very comfortable) with your decision. It sounds as though Brody is right on track with his fine motor skills -- Nora can't write letters, either. She really only scribbles and makes scribbly circles.
OK... I must go to bed. Hope that at least part of this made sense.

SaRaH said...

oh, I can't wait to see your Etsy store!

Jacque said...

Hope this week is MUCH better! (Also can't wait for your etsy store!)