Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday me-pression.

Having a bad week. Hoping for an upswing. Where's the upswing? Maybe it's a downturn. Anyway, I'm stressed about work and funds. Furlough days are hitting us, in the few day homestretch before the next pay day. If something would kick up, that would be great. Work is pretty good, but busy and as a lawyer, I have to deal with something called "opposing counsel" and those folks can tend toward annoying my heart with their antics.

At any rate, I found this new blog recently, and I really like the writing. I hope you do too.


SaRaH said...

That Monday was a sorry excuse for a day. Here's to a better today. ((Chris))

Hef said...

Rooting for that upswing all around.

Robyn said...

Is it getting better? Almost to the weekend. (((Chris)))