Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas recap

I had a wonderful birthday, a fun Christmas, and a relaxing, nap-filled weekend.

This is how Brody rolls on Christmas eve, when we have to run out to the grocery store.

Naturally, he became hungry while in the produce department, so we engaged in the traditional banana-eating-grocery-store-experience.

It secretly delighted me that he is this way. He made tens of people smile on Christmas eve just by being himself. I love this boy.
We left out cookies, milk, and carrots. The cookies had a few bites taken out of them, Santa drank all of the milk, and Santa took the carrots for Rudolph and Comet (the only reindeer Brody designated as being worthy recipients of said carrots).
I was going to film his reaction to Christmas morning. It was not to be for two reasons. First, he was crying because he wanted Santa to, in fact, still be there. He was sad Santa had already left. After recovering from that trauma, he decided that clothing is for chumps. Here is Christmas morning:
For the rest of the days, we did puttering. Not much. The house is a disaster area. It looks like we had a big party and opened a bunch of presents and did not clean up as much as we should have. Oh, wait.....
Even Brody seemed tired as he refused to leave the house on Saturday (or wear any clothes). He refused the carousel, the park, sledding, the library and the ice rink. Didn't want to go anywhere.
Sunday we napped.
At one point yesterday, Brody was sleeping in our bed with the dogs, Jeremy was watching football silently, and I passed out in Brody's race car bed.
And our dog, Kahlua, spooned Brody's new lacrosse stick.


Robyn said...

Rylie left carrots only for Rudolph, so I am glad to hear that Comet did get some from Brody. When we went to the mall today, Rylie saw that the decorations were still up for visiting Santa and was adamant that she did not want to have her picture taken with him again. I explained that he already went home to the North Pole to get ready for next year, and that eased her mind. :-)

Dawn said...

Brody makes me smile too. I also love him. Glad your Christmas was so nice and memorable.

Jacque said...

Sounds great! And Phoebe was the opposite. She was afraid to come in Christmas morning because she was scared Santa would still be here.

Hef said...

Part of my child-abuse-detection training includes a list of "red flags." One of the "red flags" is a parent who refers to their child as "weird" or "different."

... pause ...

I swear I don't abuse my kid. But she IS weird. And different. And bursting with quirky quirks.

And I love every last bit of it.

She and Brody would get along wonderfully.