Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oma's birthday and our Homeaway from home

It's my mom's birthday today. Again. I love that. Happy 71st, mutti!

When we were talking this morning, she said "I won't see you again until next year." She lives about 12 hours drive south of us.

I said, "Why don't we meet in the middle?"

And then I went on Homeaway, and found a few properties that would accomodate our family, my Colorado sister and her family, and my mom and stepdad. If we rent a house, we could still cook Thanksgiving dinner, and have the comforts of home! But at half the drive time and no airline chaos.

I'm going to start suggesting this for all of my people I want to see more. Although I think it would only really work if drive time between was 12 hours or less.
Let's meet halfway via Homeaway.

And no, Homeaway did not ask me to do this. And I really only thought of it because, well, I think about Homeaway every day because I like to ponder the trip that we won from Homeaway.

But seriously, this is a good idea, if I do say so myself. Updates will follow.

And for no particular reason, this is Brody, after his first trip to an actual barber shop instead of a kiddie salon. He is pouting because he was mad I had not shown him the photograph yet.


NotSoAnonMom said...

Gosh, your mom is a gorgeous 71 year old!!!

SaRaH said...

Show him the picture already!!! I can't take that sad face. Happy birthday to your mom who obviously passed her beauty on to you. Also, I love the Homeaway idea -- six hours (or whatever) is SO doable...

solaceinthecity said...

Six hours is definitely doable! I am flying home for an extra-long Thanksgiving weekend, Friday (tomorrow :) ) morning until Tuesday night! I can't wait to see my family! The flight is around 5-6 hours, and believe me, it's worth it.

Patti said...

Your Mom looks the same. Twelve hours can be a long way off, can't it?

Anonymous said...

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