Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Breaking my heart

You may recall we have B in preschool Tues/Thurs in the morning, then at 11:30 we drive him to his daycare.

For the record, he seems very happy when we pick him up.

But when I drop him off, it breaks my heart and maybe his too.

Today, as we are driving from the preschool to the daycare, we had this conversation:

Me: are you happy?
B: no.
Me: why not, sweetie?
B: (quietly but with no emotion) because I just wanna go home.


Robyn said...

Oh! Have you asked him why? Maybe there is something bothering him there? Asked his teachers? That's just so sad!

Jacque said...

:( Hugs to you and B. Maybe he was just having a bad day. I hope he feels happier tomorrow.

The Stringham 4 said...

Oh poor Brody! I just want to hug him!

Christine said...

I think it was just a bad day. I spy on him at both schools (looking through the window before I go in) and he is always happy and smiling and he hugs the teachers goodbye (voluntarily). I ended up getting off 2 hours early and picking my despairing child up. Of course when I got there, he was playing airplanes happily....

Patti said...

Overheard when we picked Kevin up at Montessori last week. To the principal who's escorting him out of the lunchroom. "This place is really messy."
Response, "We'll clean it up after everyone is finished."
Kevin, "Good."
Kevin has jelly all over his face as he says this.