Friday, June 19, 2009


~~I got a voicemail from our - get this - Medicaid case worker. Who is sending us a letter saying that we have Medicaid coverage to give to the doctors. I'll believe it when I see it. But I'm so very hopeful.

~~I've gotten a wonderful offer from a person who reads this blog. I will post it Monday. It's an offer for all of my readers (!) too. Something free. I adore free. (Hi Mona!)

~~Today I looked up the difference between capital and capitol; and I researched when minutes were invented. Answer to the second? Mesopotamia. Who knew? Well, obviously someone.

~~Except for Sarah, no one has sent me their address for the free stuff. Here's a hint: it's jewelry. Email me your addresses (through my profile). Rebecca, Tiffany, Jacque, Jess - this means you! And anyone else.

~~If you google "Sugarplum Swank," this blog is the very first thing that comes up. And pretty much the only thing that comes up. If you google Brody, this site doesn't come up at all. But, if you google "bilateral radial club hands" and "Vacterl," this blog is on the first page of google results.

~~June 29 is our 7th wedding anniversary. We asked my mother-in-law to take Brody overnight on the Saturday before, and she agreed. Then she offered to take him overnight Friday and Saturday. I am on the fence. Please advise. Could I be away from him for a whole weekend?

~~Brodyism: "I'm a big boy, but little too."

~~Sometimes Brody will ask me to stay in his room at night. Once, I was so tired I offered, "Mommy's got to go bed, sweetie. You want my shirt?" I figured maybe the smell of mommy would be worth something. He said yes, and now, sometimes, he asks for my (night) shirt to be put on him like his blankie. It melts my heart when he says that, and then to see him cuddle my shirt smiling and asleep.... it is one of the better things I've witnessed.

~~ I worked late one night this week, and didn't get home until 8pm. Instead of finding my husband and son reading books, with Brody dressed in PJs and washed and ready for bed, I came home to the two of them watching one of those insufferable reality dance shows and perfecting their own dance routine, which included a Dirty Dancing style of lift, and something that Brody called a twist jump. It was awesome.

~~Two friends of mine, two friends who have saved me a lot, are having awful news come at them this week; heartbreaking news. I don't know how to help. Please keep them in your thoughts and, if you pray, your prayers too.


Dawn said...

I love the dance routine. Brodyisms are always great!! Good luck with the medicaid stuff, and enjoy the weekend child-free!! :)

Jacque said...

Random comments: I hope the Medicaid works out! I can't wait to see what the free offer is. I emailed you my address awhile ago, but I'll try again. My email even mentioned that I hoped it was your jewelry! A weekend to celebrate your anniversary would be great! You could always go pick B up if you couldn't take it. Sleeping with your night shirt is adorable! I wish I could have seen the dance moves. Prayers to your friends.

Anonymous said...

2 nights away! I'm so jealous. And so excited for you!

And- when you get that Medicaid letter remember that Medicaid can be billed back one whole year at your instate providers who accept. Think of all the copays you can have refunded!

We recently met a family who has an infant son with similiar cranial dx as Brody. Can I give her a link to your blog?


Robyn said...

Take the two nights! Fingers crossed for Medicaid. There has to be some light at the end of that tunnel.

SaRaH said...

Things I am praying for: Medicaid relief, thanking God for you and your curious mind, hoping nobody gives you addresses so I get all of their wicked awesome free stuff, for you and J to have a wonderful weekend away, for Brody and J to perfect their twist jump, and for your friends' hearts and minds and lives (and yours, too.)