Friday, June 12, 2009

Disappointed in myself

I'm organizing the medical bills. We are still paying them from January 2007. I shudder to think what the grand total is, and I am even more grateful for Shriners. Of Brody's 12 surgeries, five of them have been at Shriners, that is, completely free of charge.

And still we are drowning.

And so why am I disappointed in myself?

Because my first reaction to anything like this is to ignore it.

Ignore medical bills.

Hope they go away.

Now we have some in collection. Lovely.

We're on payment plans but seriously - at some point, there just is no more money.

And then I read an article that says that 75% of all personal bankruptcies are due to medical bills and the medical bills total for those people averages $29,000.

Which made me laugh.

If we only owed $29,000 in medical bills, it'd be easy.



pattinase (abbott) said...

I think you have the greater part of a book written through this blog. And the cost is a big part of it. Pitch it to an agent. Your story needs telling and you are a great writer.

SaRaH said...

I'm disappointed in a wealthy, advanced country that cannot figure out how to provide superior medical care to beautiful little babies without devastating families. I have NO disappointment for a mama who has somehow made it all float.

Shannon said...

I totally agree with Sarah, I couldn't say it any better. You rock...don't ever be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

So sorry Christine.

We have bills in collection and yet I still ignore my laundry basket filled with medical bills in order toplay with my kids and try to enjoy life.

I had a lab in Iowa call me on a bill the other day and they stated that it would be sent to collection if they didn't receive payment in full. The total was for $3,000. I told the lady that my I have a 6 million dollar two year old that we haven't even paid the 2 million dollar NICU bill on. She told me she would refer me to patient financial services to see if our insurance payment could be considered "payment in full". HELLLO????? I didn't know that was ever an option!

Lori Dennison

Jacque said...

I don't know if it is an option at your hospital(s), but at ours if you talk to the hospital and pay your bill in full, they give a huge discount. Even if your bill is very large, you could get a loan to pay it and then pay on the loan, which be a much smaller amount after the discount. I only knew our hospital did this because my sister works there. It wouldn't hurt to ask!

And, don't be disappointed in yourself! It's not like you've gone on big spending sprees and ran up credit cards. You have paid for life saving/changing surgeries for your baby!

Hez said...

Sarah said it best. You are an excellant Mother. I am sure most of us would ignore those bills also, I know I would. Hugs to you.

Dawn said...

I'm jumping on the Sarah bandwagon! She is sooo right (as always)!!
Let's pray Obama makes the change this country needs!!
I am so sorry you have to stress about that!! Thank goodness for Shriner's though!!

Tracy said...

I hear ya. The cost is just insane. Good thing we love these kiddos.
Don't ever be disappointed. You can only do the best you can and you are doing that. Just enjoy Brody.

By the way stop by my blog and check out the freebie I have posted. Brody might like it.

Robyn said...

Have you talked to a bankruptcy attorney? There's no shame in it. It is despicable and shameful that you should even have these bills, that we cannot figure out a way to make sure that our citizens receive all of the medical care they need without burying them in debt. Shameful.

Do what you have to do, Chris, honey. He is priceless. And give yourself a big hug, hot bath, and glass of wine from me.

SaRaH said...

OK. I've been thinking about this all weekend. Can't we organize a fundraiser or raffle or something? What if we got some money and then made the hospitals offers of cash for discounts?

SaRaH said...

Also, there are companies dedicated to auditing hospital bills for overcharges and errors. Perhaps having a complete review of all bills would be worth it? I've had clients use them and save money.

Christine said...

Sarah: Thank you. Your words mean more than you will ever know.

Tracy and Lori: Thank you for the commisseration and the help and the support.

Robyn, Dawn, Hez: Thank you for the ideas. I'm looking into everything.

Patti: I am trying to write that book, and I appreciate even the suggestion from you that I am capable of it, or that anyone would want to read a book written by me.