Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Brodyisms

When we tell him something, that he already knows, he will, in this completely teenager-esque, annoyed, and above-it-all voice, say, "I know that." Except he's only 5, so it comes out as "I know dat."

He makes Liam laugh just by saying, "Watcha laughin' at?"

When Brody was born, I started calling him bubba thanks to my friend Linda who got me calling all babies "bubba" because I think it's something Australians do. When Liam was born, I called Liam bubba in front of Brody. Brody then asked, in a slightly unsure, smaller voice than usual, "Am I still your bubba, mommy?"

He steadfastly maintains that he will NEVER get married, never leave our home. I tell him that's fine with me but when he's 18 he has to get a job and earn some money. When I ask him what he will do for a job, he says he is a fire dog.

For Halloween, Brody feels that he can assign me my costumes. I am, depending on the day, either a Princess, a SuperPrincess, or Thor Girl. I'm not sure which I prefer more.


pattinase (abbott) said...

This is so familiar. Kevin also claims he will never get married or go to college. In fact, he doesn't want to get any older than 11. When I told him, he wouldn't be able to drive then, he said, "Oh, fine, I will go to sixteen but that's it."
He also told me it isn't fair that he has to die. I said some people believe you come back again. With relief, he said, "Then I want to be a horse when I come back."

pattinase (abbott) said...

And he wants to be a swimming teacher.