Thursday, June 2, 2011


Most nights, while Brody is in his bed, he says, "Mommy, wanna do questions?" Then he asks me, or I ask him, random questions. So, tonight, he asked me the following:

Why do we put bad guys in jail? (and what if they get a key to get out?)

Why are bookshelves so tall and not 4 years old tall?

Why do Spider-Man and Venom need webs?

Also, Liam turned six months old today. Six months!! I can't believe he is so old, so young still, or that I lived a day of my life without him.

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SaRaH said...

Those are SUCH good questions. Can you imagine that there was a time that we knew you should sell your baby stuff and move on? Oh how we make God laugh.

Teacher Mama said...

I love the "questions" tradition!

Tracy said...

To cute. That's something Maggie would do too. But he brings up some really good questions. Why does Spider Man need a web? LOL
Isn't it something that we once had a life without our children but we can't remember? LOL

pattinase (abbott) said...

Kevin is just like that. When we tell him his Daddy puts bad people in jail, he denies it and says his Daddy helps people. I guess we need to check out the answers we should give out.