Thursday, August 5, 2010

Natural killer cell test results

No spike.


I feel like I did the after Brody's skull surgery when they said he was out and safe in recovery. Like a load is literally lifted from my shoulders and I get tingles running up and down my arms.

I meant to do this last time - here's a link to NK cells and what they are (scroll down). Here's a discussion of pretty much all of my immune issues related to pregnancy.

Next test is in a month. Then, after 28 weeks, the placenta and baby should be strong enough that any spikes in NK activity will not harm him.

I'm 23 weeks tomorrow.

I cried when I read the comments to the last post. And when two friends emailed me their own comments, I smiled and wanted to hug everyone.

What I really wanted to write after the last post, and reading that quote, and remembering the fierce confidence of my little-girl, grinning, pig-tailed self, was this: Fuck it. I'm having this baby.


SaRaH said...

That's right, out of control NK cells, fuck it. She's having this baby.

Robyn said...

You are most definitely having that bruzza for Brody!

Jacque said...

I hate that you have to feel like you are waiting for something to go wrong. It must be so hard to enjoy the pregnancy because of the worry. (I would be exactly the same way!!) I am glad things are going so well, and I pray they will go that way all the way to delivery and birth!!