Thursday, September 10, 2009

Celebrate: Pictures & Brodyism

The setting and view from the covered picnic area:

Party at large:
Brody and me:

Enjoying pizza and garlic knots:

My mother, age 71. Not bad, eh?

Brodyism from the party:

Ducks: quack quack quack

Me: What do you think the ducks are talking about Brody?

Brody: I think they're saying, "Happy birthday to me!"


SaRaH said...

This comment should be about how I feel Brody can see clear into my soul in that beautiful picture of him... BUT are you freaking kidding me? I am SO jealous of your genetic legacy for aging (can you even call it aging when it looks THAT GOOD?????) I have to go back and drool at the picture a bit.

Dawn said...

I am sure the ducks were telling him that! :) Great pictures! And I am in SHOCK over how great your mom looks at 71! I don't look that good now!

Jacque said...

Great pictures! It looks like a fun party, with even the ducks enjoying it! :) Phoebe talks to the ducks when we see them (in duck language with various quacking noises). Your mother is beautiful. I hope Brody is enjoying being 3!